Giving during turbulent financial times

I got up today determined to make good on my promise to give a little something to my favorite charities. Of course, The Salvation Army tops the list (you’re not surprised, are you?) but I don’t want to leave out the public radio station I listen to every day, my favorite animal organization, and the international aid group that lets me buy goats and chickens for families in Africa.

Seems like I’m not the only one trying to give more during these uncertain economic conditions.  MSNBC posted a story yesterday which reported that charitable giving outpaced inflation in 2008.  Not only that, the numbers say, so far, that charities are resisting the recession.

clairegaudianibookThat may not last, but we may surprise ourselves. Claire Gaudiani, author of the book “The Greater Good: How Philanthropy Drives the American Economy and Can Save Capitalism.” says that Americans give twice as much as the next most charitable country.

Giving to make life better for others is a pretty darn nice thing for the US to be best in the world at. No one does charitable giving like we do; or, like you do. Thank you for making sacrifices so that The Salvation Army can feed, shelter and care for folks who’ve hit bottom.  Really.



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2 responses to “Giving during turbulent financial times

  1. John in CA

    People can say many bad things about Americans – sometimes warranted, most times not. But, we are a very giving, charitable people. There’s no getting around it.

    Americans rock.


  2. JM

    I agree fully. Even at a time when pockets are emptier than usual Americans find new ways to give. You should check out It is a race to celebrate fame, to utilize the ‘power of many’ by asking visitors to give as little as $1, and vote for a charity to receive 80% of the proceeds… one of which is the Salvation Army. I never cease to be amazed.

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