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Salvation Army lingo, part 1.

This morning the phone rang really early. When I get early phone calls on a weekend  it usually means bad news. Well, this morning was no different. My dear friend called to say that her dad finally succumbed to the infection he’d been fighting in the hospital all week and died peacefully early this morning.

Mr. J was a warm, kind man: an absolute delight. His wife, kids and grand-kids are going to miss him terribly. As sad as it is, there’s one consolation.

In The Salvation Army, when someone dies, we say they’ve been “Promoted to Glory” (or, PTG – every organization has their own lingo and a few acronyms too). Mr. J was certainly Promoted to Glory this morning. After a life mixed with joy and pain, he was finally elevated to the position he’s been dreaming about his whole life: spending the rest of eternity praising his Creator and Friend.


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