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When I’m 93…

Charlie Wilson, KATU Television's Everyday Hero

Charlie Wilson, KATU Television's Everyday Hero

..I want to be just like Charlie Wilson. Why wait? I think I’ll start now.

Oregon’s KATU television just started a feature segment on their newscast about “everyday heroes.”  Constance Grecco, The Salvation Army’s Community Relations Director in Portland nominated a unique man with an incredible story. Watch the clip and see.

At 93 years old, Charlie Wilson shows no signs of slowing down.  Calling himself “an angel’s apprentice,” Charlie refers to his deceased wife who encouraged him through their years together to do as much as he can for others.

In the words of a fellow volunteer, Charlie does more to help people in a day than most people do in a lifetime.  Here’s to you Charlie, for a life well-lived. God bless you. May there be more and more tender souls like you.


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